Nothing blocks insight into other people more than your own ego… It is difficult to be effective if your conclusions about what makes someone tick are based on your ego rather than on his.

What they Don’ t Teach You at Harvard Business School, Mark McCormick (1984)

Any agenda that goes beyond  curiosity about the other as a person,  limits the information available you in the moment. The more you know your real self,  the more you will know the person you are dealing with. “Learn to be a good listener” sounds like great advice until you realize that we ourselves are not objective instruments receiving pure signals. Even when the signal is clear and devoid of static, our perceptual apparatus warps what it senses. In the knowledge based economy of the future truly exceptional business and personal success will be based on creation and require nothing less than dedication to knowing the reality of ourselves above all else. Only then, can all of the time and energy we have spent mastering the outside, be put to optimal use.