Bill talks about CEO Effectiveness, self-knowledge, and his new book, Ascend on Pensacola Business Radio

[From the interview] On working from the top down in corporations: Only 30% of employees in any corporation are engaged. Of the 70% left 20% are actively disengaged, & 50% are simply just disengaged. Companies typically bring in consultants to work with the 50% to convince or show them how they can become more engaged.

What CEO Effectiveness does differently is work with the CEO rather than the employees because it’s our belief that the transformation of the CEO, that is helping the CEO to gain more access to their potential, in fact is the most effective way to leverage your input & your work to be able to help everyone in the organization. You may never be able to help the 20% that were actively disengaged. We’re interested in the 50%, not in getting more out of the 30%.

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