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Do you check and respond to emails instead of working on an important project? Do you repeatedly delay starting your exercise routine?  

We all seem postpone decisions or actions unnecessarily, even if they might carry negative consequences. We procrastinate for different reasons, but they are all related to our emotions: fear of failure, perfectionism, boredom, to name a few. But procrastination isn’t about being lazy: it is about managing our emotions, not our time.

We often procrastinate on what is truly important by working on less-important but seemingly urgent tasks. Big projects that are not due until far in the future can often take a back seat, since it may feel overwhelming to get started. And this makes us feel anxious or insecure.

By changing how we view the “big” project, we give priority to less important but urgent tasks. It’s almost as if urgent tasks have their own appeal, independent of consequences.

Is it possible to overcome this habit? Yes! The next time you’re tempted to procrastinate, ask yourself what is the next step you would take on this task if you were to start right now. This change in perspective can take you from feeling overwhelmed to taking action.

And once you take that first step, the rest will certainly be easier.