03 IllustrationCommitment from those within a system is largely a result of how much those who lead permit themselves and others within the organization to grow and contribute their best. That is why I have decided to work primarily with CEOs, Boards, and Consultants. This is where the leverage in most business systems is the greatest. By liberating leadership’s access to their greater capabilities you can have a much greater impact on the system and ultimately on the world.

People at the top and those entrusted with leadership responsibilities, including consultants and advisors, are not exempt from biological and psychological development. Like or not, all of our brains were wired to interpret ambiguity as danger and to form habits that were adapted to our early learning contexts. Remember, these habits are compromises that often require us to remove valuable parts of ourselves from consciousness.

These are givens for everyone. But the model of ourselves and our world we leave the starting gate with can only win races on familiar tracks. But life gives us a big opportunity in our mid-twenties. After our mid-twenties we have the biological opportunity to significantly re-wire our brain. This biological change offers us a golden opportunity to begin learning about ourselves as we truly are. Many (probably most) of us, especially those who are smart enough and enjoying enough relative success to negotiate work, families and careers often choose to postpone payday—frequently until it is too late. This is one of the disadvantages of having a lot of functional ability, even if it is only a fraction of our innate capacity. We define success in a limited way afforded by our functional ability and believe that we have somehow achieved complete access to our real capacity. Meanwhile, our real self cries to be liberated and our workers and families signal us that we may be missing something important and hiding behind our institutional power and relative success.   

Bill Anton