doing harder thingsEarly development fine tunes our transmitters and receivers to communicate on a narrow band of frequencies. These are the frequencies that are the easiest to rely on because they produce a minimum of static or noise if we keep our bandwidth where we are taught it should be. As a reward for following the rules of the “tribe”, we are offered a life that the ego loves but the soul hates. In the early stages the pathway from the Ego to the Self is full of faint signals made almost un-detectable by intolerable noise and static. Resistance makes it even more difficult by promising that the seduction of the familiar will last a lifetime. It presents by evoking the temptation of urgency, diversion and threat but in doing so offers only a short term reprieve that alleviates the ego’s greatest fear: The Fear that We Will Succeed Beyond Measure. And where is this wisdom secretly kept? It is in the Self. That is why self-knowledge is so indispensible if we want to harness the powers that the soul knows we possess or ever hope to realize the person that we sense in our hearts that we truly are. Two pathways around the static of daily life are Meditation, which helps us access the Self, and “Doing the Harder Thing” which creates new pathways in our brain that offer the hope of disrupting the old comfortable habits that delight the ego but damage the soul.

Bill Anton