Trust: Believing in the unproven integrity, ability, and character of another person or experience based on confidence energized by a high level of self-worth and realistic self-knowledge.

 Here are some insights about developing trust:

  •  Develop empathy for others; it builds trust—approach others with an open mind and heart, don’t make assumptions about other’s motives, allow others a way out with dignity
  • Make sure that your words and actions are consistent with what you feel—don’t withhold or distort information, know that negative evaluations create enduring consequences, punishment suppresses behavior but does not eliminate it and stirs disruptive emotions
  • Focus on excellence over competition—understand that excellence is pursuing your best, not besting others; aspirations is reaching beyond what you think is your best, don’t compare yourself to others
  • Strengthen your connections with others by initiating and affirming trust—honor and value others’ greatness, listen to others with full engagement