motivation for successful relationships“Only the weak are cruel, gentleness can only be expected from the strong.” This quote, attributed to many, reflects the relationship between early emotional deprivation and later hatred of self and others, emotions whose focus is often revenge.

One of the signs that our level of self-knowledge is improving is a lessening of the need for revenge and forgiveness of ourselves and others for things that occurred long ago in our lives that have been long forgotten to the conscious mind. Yesterday I was fortunate to listen to an interview with Ambassador Andrew Young, contemporary of Martin Luther King and former mayor of Atlanta. In the interview, he talked about growing up in New York as the son of a dentist father and school teacher mother and living in the middle of three groups (including Nazis) who were haters. He said his parents always taught him that they were privileged and that people who hated them were not evil but ignorant. Throughout his early life he felt cherished and fortunate and was encouraged to have compassion for the haters and forgive their foolish deeds. Not easy to do, but he said that this was the foundation that led him to joining Martin Luther King’s ministry and in his words the foundation to liberating the lives of millions who suffered at the hands of ignorant and misguided people.

To know yourself as you truly are is to love yourself and others. In that state of being helping hands appear from every corner of your life and you become a transducer of energy far greater than your old self.