If you  still think that self-knowledge is an abstract concept, or that it is easily obtained, here are a few words from an ancient tradition that might give you pause.

In “Turning Pro”, Steven Pressfield quotes his friend Rabbi Mordecali on the subject of resistance. Here is a quote from that source which he tape recorded at breakfast:

“There is a second self inside you–an inner, shadow Self. This self doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t love you. It has its own agenda, and it will kill you. It will kill you like cancer. It will kill you to achieve its agenda, which is to prevent you from actualizing your Self, from becoming who you really are.  This shadow self is called, in the Kabbalistic lexicon, the Yetzer hara. The yetzer hara, Steve, is what you would call Resistance.” (p. 128)”

Pressfield, S. (2012) Turning Pro, Black Irish Entertainment, Inc.