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Here is the story of leadership in a nutshell, whether a family, a group or a multinational organization:

The Problem:

We need a larger percentage (10 to 30 % is below survival level) of enrollment and commitment in the knowledge creating world than we could settle for in the past. The main role of a leader is to create conditions where those they are responsible for are fully alive and at their creative best. This benefits everyone—including the leader— in most domains of their lives.

Early Solutions:

Bring in consultants to update technology and focus on how to get more out of the workforce. Re-organize to create conditions that will control the expression of available energy. (This approach often makes things much worst than the original purpose because its focus is on the wrong group and the approach to that group insures that there will be little change in the long run except to make things worst. There is no shortcut to addressing the core issue that actually affects worker motivation and creative energy.)

Recent Attempts to Re-focus on Leadership:

Best selling authors (Simon Sinek) and world class scientists (Richard Boyatzis) have written about and shown the value of leadership responsibility and leadership qualities on others in the organization. The description and empirical findings are a big step forward. The pathway to leadership personal mastery remains undefined!

Paradigm Changing Focus:

The transformation of top leadership must precede the creation of an organization that is capable of learning, creating and evolving it capacity to create its own future. Business Success Through Self-Knowledge focuses on leadership personal mastery, how to achieve it and how it can transform everyone in the organization.

Most organizations still spend the bulk of their time, energy and money on Early Misinformed Solutions.