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The man in the arena, this is who you want to be. Not a bystander, or a critic, but one who courageously stands in the face of fear and adversity. Yes, the risks are there, every time, in every situation… painful scars, even anguish and suffering, but the alternative is a life not lived, devoid both of triumph and defeat.

So, the man or woman in the arena is someone who makes a conscious choice to put themselves on the line and is not afraid to experience the sting of criticism or the sweetness of praise, the disappointments of defeat or the joys of victory.

This is what much of our life is about: daring greatly while accepting the odds for glory or defeat. The teaching lies in not holding on to these emotions after they are experienced, particularly the negative emotions, but in feeling the sting, disappointment, sadness or anger and letting them go as soon as possible.  

There will be other arenas soon awaiting your arrival and you want to show up in the best state possible. Let go of the limits in your mind to maximize your chance of success!