Rapid Heart Rate Fever
Feelings of Danger, Panic or Dread Dry Cough
Increased or Heavy Sweating Shortness of Breath
Weakness and Lethargy Fatigue
Rapid Breathing or Hyperventilation Bone/Joint Pain/Headache

In today’s day and age, so many of us are on heightened alert to any symptom our body presents, or we notice.  Given the widespread fear being perpetuated about the virus, it is understandable how this reaction could occur.  For this reason, I thought it was important to share this figure from the United States Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.  The reality is that almost all of us will experience the symptoms of anxiety at this time and very few of us will experience severe symptoms of COVID-19. 

These are no doubt unprecedented times and call for unprecedented action toward wellness.  The best thing that each of us can do for our planet right now is to keep ourselves well and our vibration as high as possible.  That means zooming in on our life and taking responsible, health promoting actions every day. One of the best things we can do to reduce anxiety and fear at this time, is to turn off the news for pockets of time every day and do our best to limit exposure to news.  This is because chronic exposure to negative information is not healthy for the mind or body and can leave us feeling anxious and depressed about the state of the world. 

This can give rise to a host of negative, fear-based thoughts that unfortunately only serve to suppress immunity and lead to more negative emotions. Not only that but my research as well as others have clearly shown negative emotions contribute to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors (sitting, no exercise, poor diet, alcohol abuse) which can further suppress immune function and set-up a vicious cycle.  This lowered immune state can increase our risk for many infectious diseases, including COVID-19. 

This means to take some breaks from the amount of negative news that we are being exposed to at this time. Maintaining a healthy mind-body through a healthy lifestyle, positive outlook, and environment, is in many ways just as important for containing the virus as hand washing and social distancing!

Staying well means really evaluating what we are feeling and the contribution of our thoughts, behaviors, and environment to our current state.  As a first step, we have to realize that there is little gained from panic and anxiety.  These only serve to disturb our inner peace and compromise our immune function. So by removing these mental viruses every day, we can help protect ourselves from COVID-19 and other physical viruses out there.  

So, let’s not focus on when we will get our normal life back.  Instead, let’s embrace this opportunity and take action,  leaving our zone of fear and venturing into learning and growth, helping others, finding our purpose, surrendering control and living in the NOW, our most important time.

Dr. Stephen Anton