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Inside our circle of being (the real self) is a smaller circle. It can be called many things: The ego, the idealized self, the false self, the narcissistic self, and the competitive self. Over time the smaller circle competes with the real self and eventually steals the identity of the real self and re-assigns it to itself. In many ways this is the story of all our lives. We sense that we are greater than what we can apprehend in ourselves and that there is something vital missing in our lives. Yet, the small circle reminds us not to go there. We call this warning “resistance” which is the force empowered by fear of our inner genius and the responsibility it entails. So, most accept the relabeling and the fleeting comfort is offers until at last we can no longer be awakened and experience the downward spiral towards safety and familiarity. If we remain asleep too long it becomes our life, although never the creative and energized life that we were designed for.

The difference between CEOE executive coaching and much traditional executive coaching is where the focus is placed. At CEOE we strive to reduce the gap between the real self and the “ego” which originally were one. Traditional approaches accept the competitive self as the real self and unknowingly align with our resistance. As a compensation, they focus on enlarging knowledge, skills (e.g., emotional intelligence) and abilities by fortifying the belief that the ego is what it says it is, and “there is nothing else to see here.” True excellence and exponential performance are the result of integration and wholeness. It may require more work but is the basis for achieving results through others which is the operational definition of leadership.