Our goals should never be anything less than our biggest dreams and our time horizon for achieving them should be long enough for our brain to change in the process. Setting goals that in reality should be outcomes limits creativity, engagement, idea generation, excitement and genuine pride in achievement. Think about your level of motivation and engagement as a team member working towards short-term goals like gaining market share, increasing quarterly earnings, and creating some advantage over the competition. Compare that to being a member of a team that wants to improve the health of customers, how people connect and engage, or the creation of technology that has the potential to liberate energy in people’s life and work. Which of the two approaches do you think would lead to better outcomes (market share, quarterly earnings, and competitive advantage)? When goals are confused with outcomes they become the same thing and rob those working to achieve them of creative energy. People only invest in what they themselves create and unless the goal represents something that captures our hearts, we are unlikely to be motivated to offer our best. The very same principles apply to our personal lives as well. What is your purpose and does it generate or deplete energy in your life?