The difference between ‎#sensation and ‎#perception is useful to consider. Sensation is an internal response to that which stimulates our senses—sight, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling. Perception may be thought of as the interpretation that we assign to sensation. Perception is influenced by a broad range of factors. What we experience when our senses are stimulated is not an exact representation of the world. It is the world as “we” observe it. It is the product of an interaction between the objective signals, stored experiences in our memory and the expectations (based on‎ #mental models) derived from mostly unconscious memories. Our conscious goals are formulated based on how we made sense of our histories and silently guide the automatic allocation of our attention. That is why doing the harder thing is an important step in re-wiring our brain. Most who are reading this blog have already started the process and for many of us—including me– the task is still incomplete.

– Bill Anton