I believe that the case for self-knowledge is now being made in several popular books and business forums. In previous posts I have suggested some things you can do to achieve greater objective self-knowledge that can make a huge difference in your life. Here are a few outcomes that may indicate your level of self-knowledge is growing: 1. You notice that people are seeking you out more and wanting your guidance. 2. You see the other person as a separate object, not as a narcissistic extension of yourself. 3. You are able to offer others who seek your wisdom clarity without depleting your own energy. 4. Assuming you get adequate sleep, you are able to be on your game (flow) for long periods of time and remained energized and rested throughout the process. 5. You notice that you have replaced “frantic energy” by calm energy and are actually more effective and efficient than you have ever been in the past. 6. Your emotional sense of well being leans towards the “mildly positive” throughout the day and your hard wired brain circuitry no longer has undue influence on your thinking.