CEO Effectiveness is pleased to introduce our newest team member and professional.  Peter Berardi, Ph.D., is a former Navy SEAL and expert in leadership.  Bill Anton will interview Peter at an event next Tuesday. We thought you’d like to hear a few of Peter’s thoughts on leadership from the perspective of a Navy SEAL in the meantime.  Here is what Peter says:


Organizations exist for a purpose or mission.

In any industry, mission success can be met by applying the three principles utilized by Navy SEALs in accomplishing their mission: The Element of Surprise, Violence of Action, and Superior Fire Power.  At first glance these may seem unique to military operations until we translate them into corporate or athletic vernacular.  When we do this we see that the element of surprise becomes innovation, violence of action becomes decisiveness and commitment  and superior firepower becomes adequate recruitment and skill set development.  We can all be more effective in our endeavors, just ask yourself what these three principles might mean to you!