freedom fromIndependence Day is a good time to reflect and distinguish between “freedom from” and “freedom to”. Many of us who enjoy “freedom from” still deprive ourselves from exercising an even more important freedom. That is the freedom to re-discover, re-capture and embrace the missing parts of ourselves. The freedom to become truer versions of ourselves.

It starts by listening to the barely audible voice inside our head. That voice eventually fades if ignored too long but its signal gains in strength as we focus on it. As we train our focus, we are in a better position to listen, attend and take actions that can help us re-discover who we truly are and the purpose we are designed to serve.

We are all blessed with the capacity to know ourselves as we truly are. All too often however this freedom is squandered. This is mostly because we don’t see there is a choice, or if we do, we don’t trust it.

Daily, we unknowingly make the choice for comfort over growth, simply because “thinking small” is easy and more familiar. No surprise there, since what we have been taught to think is accompanied by “at home” feelings. These rehearsed habits make change even more difficult.

There is no way to avoid the difficulty and responsibility of making choices. We first have to see that there is a choice to be made. Then, we must decide to commit to the work. Not to choose is also a choice. It is the choice to view a maimed horizon stripped of the lure of the infinite.

Will you move towards liberation of your truer self today? Will you begin the work to become freer? Our founders did. They could not have given us “freedom from” had they not first offered themselves the “freedom to” know who they were, what they stood for and found the courage to stand up for freedom.

Here is a tip from Business Success through Self Knowledge:

Early mental models are often perpetuated simply because we have not yet discovered that they exist.