Several people have asked me why I put the word “Business” before “Success” in the title of my recent book since it is a book that everyone could benefit from reading. My reason may have been flawed but was something like this: Spiritual growth and psychological development are very close to each other. In fact, I have often thought that psychology applied to personal growth is really an empirically based pathway that leads to what has been identified in many faiths as spiritual ends. So, my reasoning was as follows: Spiritual leaders have only limited access to their members to minister to their higher needs; maybe an hour or two a week even for the most observant. But, business leaders have 40 hours plus weekly access to their employees. Since most of us are compelled to work for a living, business organizations represent the very best forum for doing the greatest good for the greatest number. My strained reasoning goes on. If I could offer a sound pathway to leaders in the business world that would enhance their personal mastery and enlarge their mental models then they would experience the benefits directly and see the advantages for their followership. It would be good for them, good for their families, good for their direct reports (and their direct reports) and good for business. In the process, they would help to create an ecosystem that supports personal mastery, team learning, and out of the box thinking guided by a shared vision. This type of organization would be capable of learning at all levels and would be likely to enlarge its capacity to create for be benefit of all constituencies. It would be a win-win-win: The leaders would benefit, the followers would benefit and the business would harness freely given energy and creativity for creating competitive advantage. In other words Business Success through Self-Knowledge is aimed at the best delivery system I could think of, but is really a book for everyone who is aware that they have meaningful potential that has remained untapped.