As a rule, what is out of sight disturbs men’s minds more seriously than what they see.

– Julius Caesar

It took me a long time and several degrees before I understood that spiritual development and psychological development (i.e. personal mastery) are very close. In fact, neither is possible without the other. Both involve giving up childish ways (early mental models and beliefs) and growing into maturity. Both involve being willing to accept that What You Don’t Know You Know which is the title of Dr. Ken Eisold’s relatively recent book:

Many of us spend our lives pseudo-validating our experiences relative to our established but limiting models of the world. So, the stage is set early to define progress, growth and achievement relative to this maimed horizon. What validates the illusion of growth is our subjective definition of “progress” which is more often than not associated with an “at home” feeling of comfort I like to call “pseudo-safety.” From an external perspective these distorted lenses can lead to high or low achievement. As part of a society that tends to focus on quantity and external achievement it is easy to believe we are getting somewhere when we are not.