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Today I want to honor one of the most distinguished scientists of the century who I learned only yesterday passed away last month.  In reviewing my e-mail correspondence with her this morning I was also reminded that she was not only a gifted intellect but a genuine person who was filled with gratitude and compassion for others. Her picture is proudly displayed among a small group of thought leaders identified on the http://ceoeffectiveness.com/ website.

Her original research on the opiate receptors led to the discovery of endorphins which were found to be highly concentrated in the frontal lobes. Our design is intelligent.

 In her later years she lectured on how our thoughts and feeling influence our healthcandace pert and well-being. In her best selling books “Molecules of emotion: The science behind mind-body medicine” (1999) and “Your body is your subconscious mind” (2004) she illustrated how our emotions transform our bodies and create our state of health through their relationship with cells, molecules, and peptides. In her words, “consciousness creates reality” (p. 250): she observed that the cost of choosing to live within a tiny percentage (i.e. small circle) of our dynamic range of expressivity can be a costly mistake.

In short, Dr. Candace Pert reminded us that “there is no state of mind that is not mimicked by the immune system” (2004). We should all take heed!