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Do you feel like your mind is constantly replaying an endless chatter of fear and doubt?  When you close your eyes at night, do you feel bombarded with worries about the future? If you find it a struggle to quiet your mind, there is good news!

You have the power to tame your thoughts and approach life in a more peaceful way.

Here are 5 simple but effective ways to quiet your mind. To regain balance, focus and serenity, try to include as many of these activities as possible in in your daily routine.

Breathe deeply

Take slow deep breaths, paying attention to each breath you take.  Put your hand on your stomach, feeling how it rises and expands as you draw air in, and fall as you let air out. Taking deep breaths relaxes your muscles and relieve tension.


This is the most effective way to calm your mind. Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, be still and try to become aware of yourself, letting go of mental chatter. Meditation will increase your well-being and your sense of inner peace.


In addition to the physical benefits, even a few minutes of exercise can calm your mind. Exercise releases endorphins, substances that make you feel good and can improve your mood and sleep.

Listen to Music

It literally calms your brain. As a plus, the more you focus on it, the less you will dwell on other thoughts. The type of music most likely to help you relax is classical music, but any type of music you enjoy is great.

Help Someone

Doing something nice for others also helps lower your stress levels and may even boost your immune response.

Quieting your mind can have a big impact in your life. When your mind-body is calm and serene, it functions optimally.