Many of us try to develop ourselves from the outside through education, skill development and other forms of training. We take what we think we are capable of and apply this model of ourselves to the mastery of new skills. This tends to improve our effectiveness as long as the “governor” regulating our success is not breached. In other words, we allow ourselves to enjoy “relative success” so long as it does not disturb our “at home” feelings and maintains what we think we know about ourselves. But, there is a downside to assuming that something is valid because it is familiar. We can lull ourselves into feeling that we are giving all that we have to our life’s work because we are learning new things. For some of us this type of learning can be a way of avoiding or resisting “transformational learning”, which involves changing and enlarging the model we have of ourselves. We must make a choice between who we think we want to be and who we know we truly are. Our true genius can only be liberated when we commit to knowing ourselves as we truly are. For many of us this requires the courage to switch the value assigned to the two choices. The real you is the only choice that offers the fullest access to your potential and optimal access to your true genius.