By Joe Carella, Psy. D., Licensed Psychologist, Certified CEO Effectiveness Executive Coach in Success Through Self-Knowledge

As I read Dr. Bill Anton’s blog entitled, The Day Before Something is a Breakthrough, It is a Crazy Idea, I was reminded of a few quotes that may inspire the bold mindset needed to find our way to our true self. Unfortunately, the author of the first quote is not known. I would have loved to have a conversation with the person who first said, “There are millions of Americans who are clever and fearless, but the trouble is they are only four years old.” Then again, the conversation could have been disappointing because while I find the author’s observation to be brilliant, the author may have become fearful like the rest of us. It is probably better that I imagine how the conversation would have gone. And because Pablo Picasso taught us, “Everything you can imagine is real.” I am going to believe that the unknown author and I would have had a fascinating conversation. I imagine it like this:

Me: What can I do to return to the clever and fearless person I was when I was four years old?time-853746_1280

Unknown Author (UA): It would help if you could invent a time machine and take you back to those care free days. Until you do, just asking the question is a great first step. You would also benefit from exploring the mental models that took you away from your four year old self in the first place.

Me: Interesting, what would that look like?

UA: Start by understanding that the confirmation bias is a powerful force. We are terribly prone to ignore information that challenges us to think differently. Push yourself to disrupt your reality as often as possible.

Me: Sounds great, any suggestions about how to do that?

UA: Live by the credo of another unknown author buddy of mine – “The surest and clearest way of discovering who we are is by bumping up against people who are different from us.”

Now that I think about it – a real conversation with the unknown author may have been more productive. The best idea I have to rediscover the bold mindset about which Dr. Anton writes is to do what four year olds do. Try reading your favorite Dr. Seuss book and follow the pearls of wisdom that resonate with you. This is one of my favorites and mercifully my last:

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” – Dr. Seuss