Here are a few basics you need to understand to discover your own inner greatness and offer it to the world:

  1. Mental models are the largely unconscious decision rules (like the source code on a computer) that determine what you “see” or apprehend.
  2. Beliefs are the conscious expression of our mental models but may operate outside of awareness on a day to day basis.
  3. Assumptions are the product of beliefs applied to experience.
  4. Interpretations are explanations of events based on our beliefs and assumptions that are influenced (like gravity) because all of these components are energized by our mental models.
  5. Emotions are evoked by our interpretations of events. Resistance makes it hard to change the source code but there is no more important purpose in life if you want to offer your sensed but undiscovered gifts to the world. If you refuse to declare war on resistance you will never know or offer our true genius to the world. But, unless you change the source code (mental models) no transformational learning is going to take place and no software in the world is going to liberate the genius within you that patiently waits as time and life itself passes. This is the big picture.

We will start digging in tomorrow!