The more your work and life are energized by avoiding failure or fearing success, the more your creative ability erodes. Love is the opposite of fear. When your work and life are energized by love, your creative energy is tapped and aligned to the evolution of your soul. This often requires a commitment to doing the harder thing even in the face of fear. Fear doesn’t yield its power easily and thesubjective experience in the early stages of psychological and spiritual growth is often more intense fear. It takes commitment to doing the harder thing over time before we are given the gift of seeing clearly. Finally, fear yields its stranglehold on our lives and reveals itself as nothing more than a warning that your full genius is on the threshold of emerging in your life. Resistance emerges in its many disguised forms to steer you away from the awakening of your true genius but it is simply an imposter energized by fear itself. Once you see and face resistance for what it is, you gradually begin to recognize it is simply a terrified bully at war with your deeper self.