Do you have a nagging sense that your true destiny continues to escape you? Does your passion feel suppressed? Can you imagine a different life but resist taking more than a step or two in that direction before you stop or even reverse course? Do you feel inspired when listening to a motivated speaker and find the passion quickly recedes into routine with the passage of time? Does the same limiting pattern seem to play out in your relationships over time? Do you feel that is hard to grasp your own inner truth and even when you do find that you are reluctant to share it with significant others?

I believe that it is possible to answer all of these questions and to recapture parts of us that we are only faintly aware of. As the signal sent out by our creative fire within us becomes clearer, we can begin to see the pathway that can liberate powerful but calm energy within us. This is the destination and energy source we can all seek and it is the fire that is already within us—even if it is just a pilot light—that can help us approach what we were destined to become. Life knocks at the door of everyone’s life with the invitation to discover and share our creative gifts with the world. How we answer the call becomes our life.