Remember, every great athlete has a coach, every president has advisors and great actors have directors that bring out their best.  (Harriington & Priestley,   2015)

If you are curious about how you can realize your greater potential, take a look at the ecosystem at the bottom of the home page at

The CEOε ecosystem allows top tier business leaders to enter at different levels of engagement. It starts with the BASE CAMP which includes specially developed books with accompanying workbooks (available in print, kindle and audio formats), Blogs, White Papers, Social Media and Direct Contact. Level two called BIVOUAC includes webinar series and  exploration of five domains of normal personality functioning as they relate to leadership. Level three is called TIMBERLINE and involves 360 assessments, self-knowledge workshops and leadership training workshops. The top of the ecosystem is called the SUMMIT and includes protected expert executive coaching, engagement programming and development partnerships.

Many top tier leaders have identified the best point of engagement within the  ecosystem that works best for them at the time of their initial contact. All are based on the realization that they must somehow address the lingering but subtle governors that keep them from realizing their greater potential, and receiving the recognition they truly deserve.

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