Cortex frontal lateral

We evolved from the subgroup of humans that saw a stick as a snake and not a snake as a stick. That is why our amygdale developed to interpret ambiguity as danger and highjack our right pre-frontal cortex in microseconds. Poisonous snakes are no longer abundant in our environment and it is our responsibility to recalibrate our brains. Those of us whose ancestors made the right choice now have the luxury to engage in self-observation. We can become the new generation of ancestors whoes genes survived into the future. We have the choice to develop and use the most recently evolved parts of our brains. But, often we spend our energy interpreting the physical and now the psychological world as if the reptile brain and early mental models are the only available resources we possess. We believe that learning is applying those limited resources to new situations and use them to calibrate our progress. Don’t sell yourself and future generations short. Learn how your mind works and liberate the genius inside of you.


 Bill Anton