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Leaders, who know themselves as they truly are, know what they believe. These leaders naturally create a strong sense of purpose in their organizations. For them, profit and shareholder value are outcomes that provide the fuel for achieving a larger purpose. Their biggest dreams and aspirations represent calm but sustainable energy that is shared by all who work for and benefit from what their tribe creates for themselves and others. These leaders stimulate mirror neurons in others that they are connected with. These leaders trust themselves and others because they know the difference between passionate commitment and compliance. These leaders are focused on the development of others and as a consequence see with clarity what they already know in their heart: They are the alphas who must protect and serve those who have chosen to follow them. These are the leaders who co-create organizations that can continually evolve their capacity to create their own futures. As a consequence they do better in the long-term and enjoy the alignment of company, customers, shareholders, and a tribe that includes workers, family and friends.