As noted in a previous post, what we experience when our senses are stimulated is not an exact representation of the world. It is the world as “we” observe it. It is the product of an interaction between the objective signals, stored experiences in our memory and the expectations (based on mental models) derived mostly from unconscious memories. Emotions are stimulated by memories that are evoked by events and our interpretation of them. Problematic is that we often take action based on these outdated emotional signals. These actions influence how the environment responds and “validates” our interpretation of what we believe we experienced. We contribute to what we see! Unless we find a way to break this cycle it becomes increasingly difficult to change. Each component of the cycle builds on the other and over time robs us of realizing our true potential, limiting achievement, success, and fulfillment. The homepage of lists several things that you can do to begin increasing self-knowledge. Knowing yourself as you truly are changes everything for the better.