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It is probably impossible to experience real and lasting success by focusing on a single domain of life. All extremely high levels of narrow achievement come at the expense of other areas of the personality. Real and enduring success is based on character derived from universally shared values that involves all  significant domains of our lives; achieving our higher level goals, knowing happiness at home and work, and discovering the greater purpose of our lives. These are all products of our commitment to personal mastery through self-knowledge. Leaders who discover this can liberate enormous potential, are able to avoid the seduction of institutional power, and still enjoy the fruits of their talents and success. What they liberate is a power much greater than institutional power and self-glorification. It is the power to influence hearts and minds by modeling the transformation sought from others and thereby inviting freely offered commitment and respect.  This is the valid and reliable formula for fueling  sustainable energy, curiosity, creativity, commitment and innovation.