“We paid people for their hands for years and they would have given us their heads and their hearts for free if we had just known how to ask for them.” – Simon Sinek

The psychological literature suggests that “Information” alone does little to create change. Yet thousands read books, go to workshops, or take personal development courses that offer information and exercises that stimulate for the moment, and generate energy that quickly wanes over time. In other words, the experience cannot be put to long-term use because the “receiver” (in this case the leader) is blind to themselves in ways that often block or greatly reduce any potential transformational value the information might otherwise offer. If they remain unchanged then you know they will never connect with the heads and hearts of others. Only when the receiver is ready to “see” the emotional connection between what they are learning and how it reveals them to themselves are they even in a position to receive, be transformed and put it to good use.