In response to the post, Start By Creating Your “Freedom From”

benjamin-franklin-62846_1280What a rich analogy, Bill! And what better time to reflect on tyrannies and our struggles to free ourselves from them? Our founders did not have a sudden “aha” experience in recognizing the impact of the growing tyranny that was being imposed on them and in reflecting on the greater possibilities and potential that freedom from that tyranny would afford. The imposition of and the resentment toward tyranny had been building over many years and finally reached a point at which the founders determined that their freedom to govern themselves, to be their own independent nation, to be true to their own values, would be worth the cost of the struggle. It was a courageous and long-term commitment to which they dedicated everything!

At an individual level, this is not much different from what occurs in each of us as we begin to recognize that the beliefs, mental models and patterns of behavior that we have incorporated over many years have become a self-imposed hindrance (tyranny) to achieving our greater selves and reaching our greater potential. But, it requires the recognition that we, ourselves, are the limiting agent. And then it takes the courage and commitment to seek self-knowledge and to become aware of the beliefs and behaviors consistent with our mental models that are limiting our happiness and our successes across multiple areas of our lives. CEO Effectiveness recognizes that gaining this self-knowledge and seeking to become one’s true self is the key to optimal functioning and becoming the best we can be as a friend, a partner, a parent, a colleague or a leader, and, further, that facilitating this process in those around us results in better outcomes for everyone, including the group or organization as a whole, and the “bottom line.”