Serving ourselves and the world requires that we become aware that we have a choice in how we respond to two hard wired brain tendencies we all share:

1. interpreting ambiguity as danger

2. In the face of stress doing what is more familiar but with greater force. We can stop in our tracks and try the same old playbook rigidly pushing even harder than before.

Or, we can be guided around our fear by allowing our biggest dreams to be the guiding star of a new direction around fear and our typical responses to fear. Emotional intelligence is one way to expose our fears to daylight. For example, if your fear of not being good enough to accomplish your biggest dreams distresses you, you are probably not integrating the most recently evolved executive centers in your brain into your consciousness. Your inner genius is at war with your fears. You can start by serenely baring the pain of being displeasing to yourself and in that state of forgiveness ask yourself a couple of questions: “What is the harder thing for me to do at this point?” and “What is really keeping me from doing that?” Your direction or calling in life will become clearer by repeatedly engaging your pre-frontal cortex to discover your true destiny.