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The best way for executives to increase dollars and cents is through influencing others05 Illustration to offer their best. The threshold competence for achieving highly leveraged influence at changing the hearts and minds of others requires that top leadership begin by looking inside. If leaders want to liberate creative energy and heartfelt commitment in their workforce they must first liberate it in themselves. Commitment to a relationship or a company results from sensing a pathway to growth. When the workforce believes that their leaders have learned this lesson themselves, then they are invited to access their own unrealized potential which is aligned with the company’s shared vision. The alpha leads the way by who they are more than by what they do or say. This is the great secret of commitment. It can’t be demanded. It can’t be coerced. It is never created by threat. Like love it must be freely offered and is more likely to be cultivated in and environment where we feel seen, valued, respected and appreciated. If you want more from others, offer them more of yourself.