If I had magical powers (which I don’t) and wanted to do the greatest good for the largest number of people in the western world, I would imbrue every CEO of every company with perfect self-knowledge. That alone would accomplish more than could even be imagined. They would see clearly where 70 to 90 percent of the energy in their company is being wasted and more importantly how their mental models contribute to it. They would see clearly how to liberate energy, commitment, creativity and light in themselves and others. They would learn the difference between the qualities of work energized by interest, love, commitment, and curiosity as distinct from compelled work entangled with ambivalence and often fed by conflicting emotions. In my judgment, failure to appreciate these important connections is the primary reason billions of dollars are lost to business each year. Simply put, traditional business perspectives exhaust narrow parts of ourselves that we each bring to work, yet fail to capture the genius within each of us that makes it possible for us to offer our creative best. Accounting legers underestimate the real value of these implicit costs because it is not clearly evident and where evident not fully understood.