Phrenology1 (1)Both Institutional power and personal power often come at a high cost. But, the prices paid and the consequences for a greater life can be profound.  You can have both but few do, because the direction and allocation of life energy are different: acquiring institutional power can be the outcome of early mental models, rigid habits and high levels of drive. It can be razor focused and the collateral damage to self and others can remain outside of awareness although significant. Personal power may or may not be congruent with institutional power depending on the culture of the enterprise. Only  organizations where the culture supports and encourages leadership self-knowledge are the personal and institutional purpose, vision and goals aligned. There you really have something special. The leadership, the workforce and the customer are all aligned and each is liberated to be at their creative best. Product development, personal mastery, innovation and competitive advantage are all outcomes of a purpose and vision that encourage personal mastery for everyone to be at their creative best.

William D. Anton, Ph.D.                                                                            


(photo credit: By scanned by de:Benutzer:Summi [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)