Response to questions raised in a recent LinkedIn post by Bert Sadtler

My answers to the three questions he raised are as follows: entrepreneur-593358_1920

What do I need to do to express that I have passion?

I would change the question to “What do I need to be to find and express my passion? The answer to that question is: liberate creative energy in yourself based on knowing who you truly are. The focus shifts from getting to giving. If you don’t have a line at your door you have not accomplished this yet. Counterfeit is not the currency that will ever work in the long run.

How can I be nimble and agile in solving a business problem today?

Nimbleness is a product of being dedicated to reality at all costs. This includes facing yourself honestly. It eventually frees you of the pretense of trying to manage your image in relating to others. Trying to manage your social stimulus value simply takes too much energy. Nimbleness requires that you can translate potential energy into kinetic energy in the moment.  If you don’t have a line at your door you have not accomplished this yet.

Once I am in a new role, how do I remain relevant by “interviewing for my job everyday”?

That question could be rewritten as “How do I become a better politician?” Forget about the next election, honor your commitments, do the work and empower those around you to be their best.

There is no rule of conduct to exceed simple sincerity and honesty. They are intertwined. If you are not honest with yourself and dedicated to reality at all costs then remaining relevant will elude you at any age. You may be sincerely offering what you know, but what you don’t know about yourself often speaks louder than the intended message.  You can never approach your potential unless you can see it, and seeing it is always the product of personal mastery.

Age has never been a problem for those who have access to their soul. They are the leaders who have become pros and do not look to others to complete them. They know themselves, have greater access to their genius, and are not depleted by offering it freely to others. They remain relevant by offering real currency. They will always be in demand no matter what their age. If you don’t have a line at your door you have not accomplished this yet.