…and in the case of physical threat is designed to evoke a flight or fight response. In most circumstances faced by readers of this blog, there is rarely a threat of physical danger. Yet fear or anxiety occur with a frequency that is disproportionate to tangible threat. The reason is that we are hard wired to respond to ambiguity as if it were danger. Anytime we make a genuine attempt at something new or make a decision to do the harder thing, we must be prepared to confront fear or anxiety, even if what we are attempting is aligned with growth and is the best thing possible to recapture our unrealized potential. There is a part of our brain that has the capacity to override this hard wired tendency and the amygdale’s hair trigger firing to overtake our reasoning ability. It is called the pre-frontal cortex and the left pre-frontal cortex in particular. It is filled with the capacity to override fear by flooding the brain with endorphins. Feelings only last for brief periods of time but the cultivation of emotional intelligence last a lifetime.