It is also useful to contrast pursuing excellence with competition. The former involves stretching ourselves and broadening our mental models of our world and ourselves. The latter is simply doing what it takes to best the other and focusing outside our selves. It does not require greater self-knowledge or that we change our early mental models of the world. The latter define learning as using existing childhood model of the world to gain an advantage over others and learning is simply applying this primitive focus to new and creative ways of winning. Those who pursue excellence focus on enlarging their awareness, experience and effectiveness by changing their mental models. In essence, they pursue learning that enlarges self-knowledge and their creative capacity.

A fire burns within each of us—even if it is just a pilot light. As we feed this creative fire, it burns more brightly and we begin to see the pathway that liberates the powerful but calm energy within us. Our life depends on how we stoke this fire and the degree to which the follow the pathway.