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Early mental models develop based on limited experience and operate to insure that our experience remains limited. One of the ways this occurs is by rehearsing the same habits over and over again until they are experienced as an objective response to reality. When we stray too far from our early “reality” forces come into play to return us to our¬†familiar ways of feeling safe. Anxiety and fear are the warning signs that we are straying from what is known and hence safe. Meditation and “doing the harder thing” can help but there is another helpful status quo disrupter that can help liberate us from our self-imposed smallness. It is allowing ourselves to dream big and commit to pursuing our dreams no matter how long it takes, and never, ever, giving up. By keeping the image of our dreams in our minds we create a super-ordinate circuit in our brain that increases the chances that we will make choices that over time can liberate us from our maimed horizon and bring us to the threshold of what we were designed to become. In essence, we can begin to embrace our true destiny.