“One of the most popular TED talks ever is by Simon Sinek and is titled “Start With Why”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sioZd3AxmnE . In his talk Simon draws three embedded circles with “Why” at the center, surrounded by “What” and, closer to the perimeter, “How”. Then he makes some important points: First, inspired leaders start from the inside out. They are driven by “why” they do things not just the “what” or “how”. Second, people buy “why” you do something, not simply “what” or “how” you do it. Third, the limbic brain controls decision making hence we are more likely to sell to people who believe what we believe.
The most important questions for me are: 1. How many people have clarity about the “why” in their business or personal lives? If they did, they would have a clear vision and be filled with dreams, energy and light. Does this sound like most leaders you know? 2. How can people create clarity about the “why” in their lives? It is easy to simply say increase their self-knowledge which would liberate their genius and passion. That could certainly clarify their purpose and create calm energy within them. If they could do that it could create a sustainable “flow” in their life and work, and inspire others to want to join them simply by stimulating mirror neurons in others.
But, for many of us this is easier to write about than accomplish. So my next two posts will be devoted to understanding what might be in the way and how relationships have the potential to liberate or destroy what our true self has been longing for our whole lives.”