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do the harder things

User Journey Map / Mental Model (Photo credit: Alveart)

Genuine curiosity about ourselves is often stimulated by disconfirmation of our mental models and belief systems. When we are confronted with an event that disrupts our “at home” feeling, our self-comforting internal narrative of what is taking place is strained. Our experience of being in control is temporarily destabilized. When this happens, we often feel anxious, uncomfortable and out of sort. Yet, this is the very situation that often leads to better solutions in the long run. Although few seek this intentionally these very situations offer opportunities to become aware of the limits imposed by our existing mental models and at the very least become curious about alternative ways of experiencing these same events. The key to unlocking the door to our greater self often involves increasing our tolerance of this distinctive kind of uneasiness and not trying to reduce it too quickly, i.e. before transformative learning can take place.

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