When ‪#‎knowledge‬ and ‪#‎wisdom‬ from many different domains point in the same direction it is best to take note. In‪#‎psychology‬ we refer to this as cross validation or incremental validity. Many different domains of knowledge point to the importance of genuine humility in liberating the passion in our hearts. Inner peace and calm energy are the feeling states that accompany self-knowledge and identify a readiness to know what we are experiencing in its full intensity and a willingness to express that part of our experience that we wish to offer the world. Choice replaces compulsion. Whether you call it self-actualization, enlightenment, spiritual development, psychological growth or personal mastery, they all involve growing out of narcissism and into maturity. All of these enlightened states have one thing in common. They must be pursued by conscious effort until we discover the courage to replace our early mental models of the world with revised templates that honor the truth of our inner genius. After maturity the fruits are gathered.