You can always change the narrative, the story you are telling yourself or allowing others to tell for you.  Too many people quickly give up trying to do something because they have told themselves that they are not good at X.  Maybe X is singing, writing, dancing, or a subject matter, such as math, science or a foreign language, which are all things that most of us can learn to do well, with consistent practice. 

The truth is that none of us are good at something the first time we do it. In fact, we are typically the opposite of good!  

We all have natural aptitudes so somethings may naturally come easier than others, but this does not mean that we are incapable of doing the harder things.  Yet this is the story almost all of us tell ourselves.  And it certainly doesn’t help when others corroborate our story by saying you are not good at X but you are good at Y. 

When we hear such messages, especially from authority figures, such as our parents or teachers, this only strengthens this view.  And what do you think such messages due to a person’s motivation to try new things, particularly in areas that do not come naturally for them?  Of course, it has a negative effect and discourages the “hard work” and consistent effort needed to learn any new skill or subject matter. 

The reality is that all of us, including you, are capable of becoming proficient in almost any skill or subject matter you desire.  Will some skills and subjects come easier than others? Yes!  But the process of acquiring new skills and knowledge is always the same regardless of how easy or hard it is at first.  Initially, you will not be good at it and will make many mistakes, so it is very important to recognize that the mistakes are part of the process and can serve as guides or what specific areas to work on.

If you are willing to accept that “failure” is part of the success process, you will see that there is no such thing as failure.  And if you can remove any expectation or need to reach a particular goal quickly, you can remove some stress from the process.  Then through consistent practice, you will acquire new skills or knowledge and your mind will naturally start to change the narrative of what you are capable of.