734551_341792075933597_1532878038_nThere is a lot of neurological circuitry that has years of habit strength devoted to keeping things the way they are. The conscious expression of this is resistance. Resistance takes many forms and all of them present themselves as something more important to do or think or feel at the very moment we take the first steps towards changing. One way to trick resistance is to take baby steps in the direction of the change we desire to make. For example, if you are shy and tend to hold back in the moment when you are interacting with a trusted person friend, find a way to share some small part of your subjective truth with them. Stop short of sharing so much that you feel uncomfortable but go further than you would by habit. For others standing still when you are more comfortable dominating the conversation may be the way to break new ground. Neurons that fire together wire together. When you do the harder thing by taking measured steps you begin to build new circuits that will make growth and change a little easier the next time. Consistent small steps at each opportunity beats bold moves and keeps resistance from doing it dirty work by keeping us stuck and never knowing or offering our best. All things change when you do.