Can you have it all? Yes, but not entirely on your terms and without guarantees.  Having it all is a byproduct of embracing your true destiny. The key word here is “your.” If what you identify as “you” is your true self, then you are good to go! You will offer your best to yourself your family, and the world, and others will be better as a result. But for most of us, we must do the work before we even know our true self—or that it differs from what we identify as us! You can still “achieve” a lot if you restrict the evidence to external markers–money, fame, status, admiration etc.– as indices of accomplishment. But if you must deaden destiny’s call inside the price is always too high and you will have deprived the world of your true purpose. That would be a case of not having it all and not even having the best part. Nobody slides my friend!

At CEOE we know the difference and the pathway to your truer self because we demand nothing less from ourselves.