Business Success Through Self-Knowledge author and CEOEFFECTIVENESS®LLC founder Bill Anton gave a teleconference for Purposeful Planning Institute on Tuesday, August 13th.

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Description: Business Success through Self-Knowledge shows how to unlock unrealized potential in ourselves and others. It illustrates how tacit but enduring early mental models limit personal mastery and our power to influence. This book and accompanying conversation addresses the most critical of questions: What do I need to know about myself to actually put my greater potential to use? And how do I get there? Knowing is growing. When we care we share.

Important Points:
Personal mastery requires dedication to reality at all costs. Personal mastery that is transformational requires us to change our mental models. To do this we must make “doing the harder thing” the default in our lives.
Leadership self-knowledge is the best way to offer great service or create organizations that can continually evolve their capacity to create their own future. Resonant Leaders (or consultants/advisors as leaders) stimulate mirror neuron activity in others with whom they interact, and dissonant leaders shut down the activation in others with whom they interact. Hence the quality of the energy we project and stimulate in others is only under our control to the extent that we know ourselves.
People only invest in what they themselves create. Resistance is a characteristic of all living things. The best way greatly reduce resistance in others is to know yourself as you truly are and as a consequence be able to see and know others with clarity and realism.

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Purposeful Quotes:
“All things change when we do.” – David Whyte
“If you want to build a ship, don’t gather your people and ask them to provide wood, prepare tools, and assign tasks. Call them together and raise in their mind the longing for the endless sea.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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