In many ways they influence the application of our embedded decision rules (mental models) to the world around us. Because development is so complex, and compared to other species we are quite vulnerable for long periods of time, we often develop mental models of ourselves that are not congruent with reality. For example, based on a false interpretation of parental injunctions we may develop a false model of ourselves. We can develop a model of ourselves as inadequate. Because this model of ourselves is painful we learn ways to keep it out of awareness. We erect psychological defenses that help us to bear this chronically endured pain and keep it outside of awareness. Often what we believe consciously can be very different from what remains unchallenged on the “inside”. Even some high levels of achievement can be motivated by avoiding chronically endured pain in our lives. But, there is always inkling, sometimes faint, that some pieces of our life’s puzzle are misplaced and the image of who we truly are is eluding us.