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Are you working to help your clients, patrons, customers and colleagues find what they already know what they want? Or teaching and encouraging them to find something they didn’t know they needed?

– Seth Godin

The single most powerful variable for changing the energy, creativity, and destiny of a family, group, or organization is to transform the person holding “institutional” power by broadening their knowledge of self. As the difference between how they have been functioning and their broader capability is reduced, wholeness emerges that begins to transform how they see and experience everything in their lives. Not only do they think more clearly, see more realistically and create more fluidly in their organization but their focus shifts to how best to contribute and to offer the gift they can now see and acknowledge to others. When you hold a position of power that affects the lives of others, you have the personal power to liberate their level of happiness and energy beyond what you may have thought was even possible.

Everyone wins:

  1. You are more effective and happier.
  2. Persons in your life are able to add value.
  3. Creativity is resurrected in your family, group or organization to a level once enjoyed in early childhood.

All things change when you do and when you are in a leadership position many others in the world benefit as well.